Hi there! My name is Lorén Mislavsky, I am the founder/plant dyer behind Ren Co. I live in sunny San Luis Obispo, Ca with my high school sweetheart Hayden and my pup Bowie. Being surrounded by the ocean, the mountains, and the mini city that we have, I am constantly feeling inspired. I created Ren Co. by chance, sifting through books at Barnes and Noble. After being nose deep into a plant dyeing book for days, I knew there was something missing in the home decor world that I wanted to bring back to life. Natural dyes have such an effortless, organic feel to them, bringing a sense of character to each piece. My goal with Ren Co. was to create something environmentally friendly. I wanted to get rid all the harsh chemicals that are currently being used in fabrics and replace it with what Earth has given us.

After having fun in the kitchen for weeks Ren Co. naturally (pun intended) grew to be what it is now. I have always been a dreamer, and always thought there’s no way that I would do something I didn’t LOVE. I mean… you spend 80% of your life working; why would you spend that 80% unhappy and looking back with regrets? Find something you love and go do it. (But don’t let me tell you what to do, I’m not your mom.) Thanks for stopping by my page and I hope that you find something that inspires you!